Relationships Are My Primary Focus

Mental health is relational health. Nobody is feeling good when in conflict with their partner. It’s in our self-interest to learn how treat our partner well because, you know, we live with them. Let me help you get more of what you want in all the relationships of your life.

Past is Present

The task of adulthood is to resolve the past. Of course we protected ourselves from loneliness, stress, and abuse during childhood. But these protective patterns can become our relational ‘autopilot’ and wreak havoc on our romantic partnership as adults. Nobody wants a partner who is emotionally reactive or shutdown.

I help clients actively identify and resolve defensive patterning that no longer serve adult relational living.

Supporting Mind, Body, and Soul

Therapy is a protected space to slow down, drop-in, and bring compassionate presence to your experience. Other areas of focus for my practice include mindfulness, men’s issues, spiritual perspectives, emotional presence, and trauma recovery.

Matthew Litschi, LPC SEP

Choose Your Own Adventure

Client Testimonials

My experience with Matthew for marriage counseling was excellent. He is great at avoiding confrontational set-ups and never takes sides. Frankly, he probably saved our marriage. If real communication is what you are after, look no further.

- Biologist

“As a queer woman, I’ve been nervous in the past about finding a therapist who I feel comfortable with – I felt totally comfortable with Matthew from the start. I also appreciated that Matthew suggested some creative and somatic exercises that I found helpful, but was also great at guiding more straightforward talk therapy.”

- Graduate Student in Public Policy
“Matthew excels in the most important qualities for a therapist: he is highly compassionate, imaginative, intelligent and well-trained in variety of techniques. His warm and calm demeanor put you at ease quickly, and you can sense his commitment to getting at the root of difficulties, not just letting time pass in conversation.”
- Retired Venture Capitalist
“I found Matthew to be a compassionate and empathetic listener, but who also was able to ask probing and insightful questions at the appropriate time. Matthew helped me learn the value of acceptance and seeing each moment of my day as a gift, and to be open to what that moment has to teach me.”
- College Professor
“Matthew has a gentle, thoughtful approach, and I truly felt cared about in his sessions. I highly recommend at least one session of sandtray therapy with him. It was fun and a highly imaginative method.”
- Art Historian
“Matthew was the first therapist who really helped me make headway dealing with my internalized homophobia. In addition to being a skilled therapist, which he most certainly is, Matt cares about his patients. From my experience working with him, I can tell that for him being a therapist is more than a job; it’s a calling.”
- Social Worker
“I worked with Matthew on a number of issues, including depression, anxiety and developmental trauma. I appreciated that he helped me slow down and tune-in in more with myself, and valued the spiritual approach that he is able to bring to issues.”
- Lawyer

“Matthew played a critical role in building a strong foundation in my partner and I’s relationship.  He helped us before we were married, in our first few years after the wedding and right before childbirth.  I’m certain we wouldn’t be where we are today without his incredible help.

- Middle School Teacher

“We continue to be going strong and are so appreciative of our work with Matthew. He truly has helped us get through the toughest part of our relationship.”

-Licensed Clinical Social Worker


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