Success in finding a good therapeutic fit includes both finding someone who has the right professional qualifications and skill set as well as resonating with who your therapist is as a person. Here is a bit about my background…

I’ve been married six years to my lovely wife and we have a beautiful young daughter at home. 75% of my week I’m a therapist, and 75% I’m a stay at home Dad. Yes, 150%.

My undergraduate degree is Studio Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz. I’m an artist and visual beauty inspires me. I’m the creator of the comic strip 50 Minute Fix which pokes fun at and educates about the world of therapy.

I received my Masters in Professional Counseling from Texas State University in 2008, and I love being a therapist! I am especially passionate in working with clients who want to be of service to the world. That includes men wanting to show up for their partners and kids, professionals wanting to lead their companies with integrity, and other therapists and helping professionals getting support for their work as healers.

I also specialize in working with clients interested in applying their spiritual aspirations into everyday life and relationships. I view relational and psychological health as foundational to any spiritual seeker’s path, including my own. My own journey has included interest in meditative traditions of Vipassana Buddhism and Christian Centering Prayer, Hatha Yoga, and Chinese martial arts.

Specialized Training


  • M.A., Texas State University, Professional Counseling, 2008
  • B.A.,  University of California Santa Cruz, Studio Art, 2000

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